Thinking Unconstrained

Expressing the common human experience. Topics focus on internal viewpoints to bring attention to the important things to us as individuals and as a family of enlightened creatures.
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By Red Reine
Chasing the sun, howling at the moon,
Dog is the bright star, so doggone lonesome.
Like a flying arrow speeding skyward past,
Take a low bow wow wow. Surprise! Lightning flash.

Best of friends forever are we.
Got a stick together now, don't we?
Zoom zoom zoom, out of the room,
Sprinting afield - go long, I dare ya!

Why so-O-serious, bud? Just follow the hunt.
Girdle up, pursue the belt, take part in the fun.
Bring a lonely friend, take him on a minor stroll,
For the ultimate game is on the long nightly board.

So excited, just can't hide it,
Propeller tail, whack eyes poppin',
Lick lick lick, 'till it starts to stick,
Panting hot breath - oh, those daring canines!

See watchdog snarl, see watchdog bark.
See watchdog run, go watchdog go!
Thrice hounded jaws (da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da), centurion hissing fit,
Transforming into a big LOL-about, at least just for a bit.

Guardian of the kingdom,
Protector of the doorbell,
Rough rough rough, gotta be tough,
Super sayin' K9! Who dares to disturb my slumber!

Chase the world, round, round, round.
Spin the tail, round, round, round.
Scoot a little, round, round, round.
Play a fiddle, round, round, round.

Give a dog a meaty bone, an actor standing all alone.
Reflective water trans-apparent, greed triggering in salivation.
Lunatic lunge forthwith, madly biting frantic,
What an awful tragedy, what a pitiful malady.

My~bone, my~bone, my~bone,
Talking about my~bone... My bone!
Crunch crunch crunch, better than lunch,
Let not one hand dare come between a hound and his bone!
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By Blueback
She's a smooth operator, first class with style.
Oh you betcha she's got your number, right on the dial.
Cry all you want, her smile will drive you mad.
Watch that tail flick - whip crack!
Everyone knows there are nine ways to be skinned by a cat.

Her gaze will plunge you to your very depths,
Of the deep pockets you closely hold near.
She'll rip through your guarded heart,
Just as easily through your coveted purse.

Treasures and gifts of bribery may work,
As long as your interests keeps her alert.
Please her often and please her some more,
Keep saying please or she might sneak out the door.

For she's that kind of a smooth operator.
The kind that you howl at the moon for.
Ouch, she's got claws too, you better keep a look out.
Watch that tail flick - whip crack!
Count 'em. There are five remaining ways to be skinned by a cat.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
But not for her, for she's the apple of your eye.
She's not shy when letting you know of her displeasure,
No pressure! She's just a lady of leisure.

Meals? She needs banquets of hors d'oeuvres.
That shiny hair demands perfection in furs.
Creme de la creme in a saucer of silver,
Decadence fitting for a high royal member.

So like I said, she's a smooth operator unparalleled,
In case you didn't know or just couldn't tell.
But she does have a weakness - a soft exposed underbelly.
Watch that tail flick though - whip crack!
Thank goodness there's only one remaining way to be skinned by a cat.

Caress her the way she wants you to,
And she'll let you know that she likes you too,
But stop too soon and soon you'll be oh-so sorry,
For she'll hold an awful grudge and make you pay, buddy!

And when she's skinned you clean to the bone,
Then you'll know who's been playing you all along,
Give a gentle smile to the boss and approach her regal throne,
She's certainly a smooth operator.
The kind you gladly pay dearly and handsomely for!