Thinking Unconstrained

A glimpse of things to come. Let's find our footing and have a look around.
By 9000 XP
All wars are premeditated. There are no exceptions. It takes time and resources to plan and to prepare for war. It takes years, even decades to flesh out the details. As was the case in times long past, conventional major clashes simply do not and cannot just happen by themselves out of the blue. The sheer scale of the organization requires it to be intentionally and methodically built up and triggered through a vast network of interests. If they don't align, then the war campaign is bound to failure. Flash points are constructed to ignite conflicts and supports are put in place to escalate or de-escalate as needed, effectively allowing for finer control of the tempo and the severity of the planned calamity. From increases in military spending, the build-up of armaments and launch points of forces, the rhetoric of dehumanization and deliberate stoking of fear and hatred in the populations getting ready to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Or the contracts signed and key positions swapped out in influential organizations, and the deliberate weakening of the enemy through attrition and demoralization before the final sic'em assault is whistled. For anyone planning a war, these are some common preparations to consider in detail to increase the chances of success once the proverbial ball gets rolling, lest the dung ball should decide to bounce up to the big whirly on the ceiling and create a rather messy coco bar situation.

The notion that all wars are premeditated (even by the good guys) might be surprising to anyone who believes that wars happen purely by chance, arising out of the ambitions and lunacy of tyrannical villains. Or that accidents happen, or existing agreements between power brokers just happen to engulf an entire region into an inferno of destruction. This sort of a world view is comforting and simple to understand, but it does not consider the cooperative elements that allow the illusion to become reality in the minds of the spectators. Wars need the support of a vast array of groups and interests to justify the killing of the perceived enemy. It needs a belief in the righteousness of the act, and the willingness of the population to go along with the narrative. Without these, war is simply organized murder, perpetrated by criminals who have no qualms about taking a human life.

We who understand this basic principle are often few in number, at least in the beginning. It takes bravery of the purest form and a perceptive mind to recognize the manipulation and to risk ostracization and personal harm that goes along with pointing out the obvious. And if we are to avoid the enemy's craftily fabricated war songs, then shining that light is what is required for our survival, as the majority are incapable of making that determination for themselves. We are the ones who are able to see the heated disagreements and animosities set between brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, being amplified and leveraged by agitators and by backdoor funders. We can study the history of the relationships and identify the patterns of escalation. And we can see what would happen if the exchange is allowed to reach boiling point, much like a catalyst or a primer used to trigger and to ignite a larger conflagration. It is our task to shatter the narrative and to break the support of the enemy as they attempt to wag their big toe. We must ensure that they do not have a single leg to stand on; an objective to be accomplished by following these key observations and approaches.

Ignorance is the first and the easiest problem to solve in our effort to trip the goose march. Most people typically have only surface knowledge on any subject matter. Nuances and details are not readily absorbable by minds of vastly differing competencies. We must find ways of simplifying our messages so that they can be understood at an intuitive level without relying purely on emotional appeal or through unverifiable claims. We must leave no room for doubt in that small impartation. Once the impartial information becomes available, it becomes easier for the mind to see the bigger picture. And in this way, a simple truth will be much like a bedrock foundation. Once in place, it will not easily be knocked out. We can build on it afterwords but not before it. Therefore let us gather our intelligence and provide facts that are effective in providing that base support.

But a war footing is never stopped by just providing that missing gap in knowledge. Emotional investment and foundational beliefs and biases are ingrained deeply in the psyche, which will reject all information that endanger those mental pathways. These people will act out irrationally and violently when confronted, not understanding the reasons for their reactions, nor would they be able to adequately define their positions based on irrefutable principles and moral standing. They are simply not in control of their minds but rather driven by zealotry. Taking sides in their argument is not what we want to achieve. Rather we need to make it clear that anyone who chooses sides in a planned conflict are the chosen victims of the orchestrators - our true enemy. They need to be shown that they are being played and maneuvered into being a tool for fanning the flame of war. The villainy of the common enemy must be revealed and its machinations laid out for all to bare, and it must become front and center of every view such that the cognitive dissonance breaks from its own strain and the mind is freed from the spell.

These provide the general tactics to be used to win over the ignorant and the believers of the war narrative, which form the majority of the support group. Without them, wars are merely viewed and will be remembered as highly unpopular murder campaigns. The remaining supports are from the instigators, the accomplices, and the profiteers of the plan. For those who are in it for personal gain, these sort must be incentivized against taking such positions; by refusing to do business with them and by limiting our interactions with their power structures. The self-interested at least have enough sense to chase the money and they will act accordingly to gain our favor once the tide shifts. The accomplices in the meanwhile are placed in those positions for a variety of reasons. They may have been coerced, they may be just following orders within their "pay grades", or siloed in some other fashion so as to shield their involvement from the inner circles. Some of them will eventually have a buyer's remorse or an epiphany that will drive them to cooperate with dismantling the plan, and we must give them that option to exit out of their conundrum. And when they do, we must ensure that their desire to be one of us is greater than their fear of reprisal. Together, we will leave those instigators alone on that very lonely drafty hill. Now, who in the remaining ranks of those cowards would choose to die on that heap as the gimp masters call out, "back to the front boys and girls, back to the front"? Because at that point it would be impossible for anyone to deny that these cuckoos had it all back to front, chippers. Back to front.

If you're not convinced however, if your eyes are already closed and you wish to choose a side in their manufactured theatrical production because of the pain and the injustices that are far too difficult to bear; or if your suffering cannot withstand and tolerate the starry attacks beyond the red-smeared shield from above or below; or if the rumblings of a dragon being summoned from an eastern star, signalling the rise of a new infinite dawn is menacing your nerves; then I say that I am with you and we will die together, as have countless before us have done so. As will our children and their children too, until nobody is left except for those who are too important to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the abattoir. No, they will never place themselves in harm's way. They're not of the fabrik, like us. Survival of the pathological is evolutionarily much too convenient of an excuse after all.

Fight therefore, because nobody is here to fight your battles for you. By the barrel of ridicule, blow their smug-infested minds. By the trumpet of laughter, explode their stoned wall of lah-lah-lai-lai denials. By the honesty of truth, dissolve their illusions of nyet-so biggliest of lies. Do not let them dare to stampede you off a cliff and hold your ground. They will not run if you don't. Every head that turns to face the enemy is a set of eyes that sees them for who they really are. When that happens, the tables turn and the enemy will think twice about pressing further. Take a single step forward, and they will run for the hills. You do have a dog in this fight but that does not mean that you need to be a Sol-Dier of darkness though. Rather I beseech you to become a Sol-Rider of light instead. Fly high, strike like an eagle and hit them where they count; straight and narrow, piercing through the sky for that bug bulging cycloptic eye.