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Expressing the common human experience. Topics focus on internal viewpoints to bring attention to the important things to us as individuals and as a family of enlightened creatures.
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By Blueback
Everyday is a good day to play ball...

Jack and Jill, went up the hill, to fetch the ball they're after,
Jack had kicked it and Jill wanted it, so we'll see who's faster,
Then the ball came down, down the hill, rolling past one another,
"You're much too slow - quickly now - get it before it goes even further",
So Jack and Jill ran down the hill, to fetch it with each other,
And got it before it hit the road, and let out a sigh of relief together.

Although... Sometimes we don't like to move at all...

Humpty dumpty, sat on the wall,
Humpty dumpty, don't care at all,
And all the children and the parents then,
Couldn't get Humpty to come down again.

Or we just like to easy ride through the neighborhood for a while...

Tinkle tinkle little trike, how I love to ride you like,
Down the street flashing by, like a blur 'cause I can fly,
Tinkle tinkle little bike, how I'm going to blast a strike.

Don't anyone say we can't concentrate, because we definitely can....

Ring around Rosie, we've got pockets full of sweeties,
A tissue! A tissue! Our mouth's smudged brown.

Oh, and just because you think something's dirty, you know, that's just your opinion...

Mary has a little hand, a little hand, a little hand,
Mary has a little hand, and it's full of dirt.
Mary's playing a little game, a little game, a little game,
Mary's playing a little game, but why in the mud?

And if it's not dirt, it's water, and we know you don't like either...

Row, row, row your boat, gently in the puddle,
Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily, don't you go tattle!

But sometimes it's just way too funny though...

Hey, diddle, diddle, the boy with the fiddle,
The dog jumped over the fence,
The little girl laughed to see such fun,
And the dad ran after forgetting his pants.

Just in case you forgot - pranks are great - everyone knows that...

The itsy bitsy spider crawled down the open shirt,
Up went the mother, who beat the spider out,
Up came the shoes, and screaching all around,
And the itsy bitsy rascal ran off to the playground.
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By Red Reine
Little red riding hood set off down the road,
To pick up from her granny a basket full of scones,
Grumpy as she was but she had to carry the load,
For her mother was working diligently down to her bones.

Along her trail up forest lane avenue,
Out popped a rapscallion who claimed he saw a wolf,
"I swear, I saw a wolf, it was BIIIIIIGGG", but she knew,
Never to trust the scampy boy whose village nickname is "Woof".

Thanks for the warning, but she had to get going,
That's her grandma's house just beyond appearing,
Knock, knock, or was it a ding-dong ringing?
No matter, the door was open, so no use loitering.

"Welcome in my pretty, have a seat, join your cousins",
Hansel and Gretel barely look up with their mouths full of raisins,
"Oh, what large relatives I have, grandma",
She loves her grandchildren that's for sure - for grandma, thy true name is enigma.

In came the burly father, to collect his brood and to say hello to his mother,
He briefly mentioned "Woof", and his wild sightings of Bigfoot,
Before telling Hansel to drop the pastry and to put on his sweater,
While Gretel stuffed her pockets full of granny's secret loot.

Out came the gang out of the gingerbread house,
The Hamlin square looked as if it needed a mouse,
So the Pied Piper set off his jingle of the ice-cream van,
And the children came flooding in from all over to that man.

With a basket of scones in one hand, and an ice-cream on the other,
Little red riding hood returned back home to her mother,
Just another adventure of a late summer day, or rather,
That is surely to end, as they happily lived ever after.
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By Red Reine
"Tag! You're it! EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!"
Watch out for the crocodile, watch out for its teeth!
It may like to lumber but it can sprint right at ya!
Quick! Get up the ship before it has a chance to getcha!

Captain Morgan, Captain Sparrow, Hook and even Blackbeard,
All aboard the Joli Rouge making faces at the gator,
Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice - "Hey, can I be a bird"?
"You can be a pterodactyl!" - "What's that? Is it some kind of a flyer?"

Down comes Tyrannosaurus, Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus, and Mosasaurus,
To give a hunter's chase to the little thanksgiving Turkeysaurus,
But a secret weapon unveils - "Floor is lava!", and so the dinos burn,
Except for the hovering winged bird who happily wins the turn.

In the meanwhile upon the grassy green, civilization progresses,
Sacajawea the explorer tells of her exploits in the west,
Of her harrowing journey and guidance through the dangerous passes,
With Tiger Lily taking notes, as psychiatrists naturally tend to do best.

"Tell me about your childhood", asks the good Neverlandian doctor,
Pocahontas proceeds to relate her long diplomatic career,
Of the difficult language barriers and of cultural faux-pas,
About how it all led to her ambassadorial au revoir.

But the ladies agree that the session is now at an end,
They must rejoin the savages before they have a chance to rend,
They'll destroy everything if left to their own devices,
Best to intervene before they have a mid-child crisis.

"What are you playing?" - "Pirates and dinosaurs",
"Can we play ponies instead?" - "Yeah! We can eat the ponies!"
And so the dinosaurs are resurrected, and the little ponies scamper,
All's well that ends well - oh, well - play on January till December.
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By Blueback
"One, two, three.. One hundred! Here I come!"
Where could they be hiding? The usual spots, I'm sure.
Listen for the giggles, they're certainly in the home.
As stealthy as a snake, or maybe use a lure?

Look for bumps or open doors to a closet or a room,
Strange sounds come eerily from next to the broom.
Rustling and shifting is bound to capture,
Attention! What's that! Time to put on the proverbial pressure.

Behind the curtains, that's a favorite hiding place of mine.
Hush, don't breathe so loud or it'll give us away and be a sign!
I see an approaching figure through the thin sheet fabric,
Please don't yank it open! I'm about to drop an underpants brick!

"Found ya!" Honestly, the curtains are way too easy!
But I know better than that, they'll never find me here.
Under the bed is definitely the best place to be,
If you don't mind the dust and the monsters in there!

Or a better place you know, is where no one else can stay,
Like where I am hiding - in a box only I can fit,
Only problem is, you can't breathe in this way,
Maybe crack open the lid - just for a little bit?

The heavy howling winds huff and puff on the window,
Little pigs with their chinny chin chins are busy playing in their burrow,
The fun will certainly go on even early into tomorrow,
If nobody stops them now and make their brows furrow.

"That's it! Go to bed!", you heard the boss - does that ever work?
Eventually it does, one would hope, isn't that so - right?
If you can find them that is, so put on those slippers, pick up that torch,
"Why can't they play an easier game - like red light green light?"
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By Red Reine
Grido, gridiano, tutti gridiamo - per il Gelato!
Gimme now, gimme some-o-dat sweet cioccolato!
Rah! Rah! Rah! Sis-boom-bah!
Pistacchio, bianco, yessiree - sirah!

Bow-wow-wow I want that candy!
Why yi-yi-yi, I want it, Sandy!
Endless summer days were made for ice cream!
Oh you better believe it, we're definitely going to scream!

Tell me more, tell me more, is it coated in syrupy frosting?
Tell me more, tell me more, with sprinkles and chocolate shaving?
Does it come in a cone, in one of those huge waffle ones?
Or does it come in a cup? (Uh-huh - just listen to those groans)

Share? With you? That's a tall order,
Double stacked and packed is a tough one to reconsider,
Alright, here's a lick. No? That's not enough?
Fine, get a cup... Wait, that's too big! That's a trough!

Look at those eyes, they've dilated fully,
Look at those paunches, they've distended truly,
Watch for the brains to freeze as the icicles spike,
Wait for the sugar to rush, to make its imminent hike.

WhooHoo! Release the gates! Pump those crazy legs!
Running sucrose pinatas, colorfully smeared bee magnets,
Brown on the cheeks, white on the pants,
Blue in the hair? Wait, are those things... Ants?!

Three hours and counting, the high comes down crashing,
Time flies whizzing past when eating a delicious sundae,
Satisfied and tired - must slow down - the exhausted feeling,
Body quickly sinking, moving on to a lazying about Sunday.

Sugar... Oh, icy creamy, I'm about to hurl,
And you got me wanting you.
Cream... Oh, sugar, sugar, I'm about to unfurl,
And you got me melting all over you.
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By Blueback
Hoycules, what is best in life?
"To crush the eggs, to see them beaten before you,
And to hear the munching of the pancakes in my mouth."
This is the true origin of breakfast crepes.

Flour playing with milk
Eggs swim laughing Buddha like
Spring onion roll ka?

Under the cherry blossom, Kwai Chang slashes a sharp flute note...

And what is the secret of the flying pan?
It is a mystery of temperature,
You must learn of its riddle, learn of its discipline,
For no-one in this world can you trust - with handling the pan.

Iron hot butter
First cake always turns burnt brown
Cannot win kana

Illumined by the campfire light, Bill's yokobue pierces the silence...

Confucius agrees for he says, wise is the parent who bakes,
But wiser is the parent who makes pancakes.
Teach a child to eat pancakes,
And you feed the child a well made breakfast.

Golden hill above
Ornate plate dressed to marry
Harvestial wedding

Nostalgic breeze sways the bamboo forest to melancholy...

Master Ueshiba and master Masamune consult with master Sun Tzu,
"What is the best way to win a mortal battle?"
After much deliberation, the masters all agree,
Offer a hearty breakfast your enemy cannot refuse.

Fork and knife dance well
Tempered steel cuts ignorance
Snow falls blood runs high

Hushed breaths listen for the lone kabuki to drum the tsuzumi...
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By Red Reine
Little Billy (I am the GOAT) Gruff rushed out the door,
When he heard an inflammatory voice in his head say, "U no u 4getin sumtin, bro!"
"Please little troll, let me go. Mama Gruff will come soon, she's a lot more fun - LOL!"
And so little Billy Gruff lucked out and hopped into the family carryall.

Along came Mrs. Gruff (She's the G-Mother-OAT) switching off the porch light,
When she heard a teasing voice say, "Typical, you know you're going to forget something, right?"
"Please little troll, let me go. Papa Gruff will come soon, he's the one you want to annoy!"
And so little Billy's mom skipped out and sat in the seat in front of the boy.

Daddy Gruff (He da real GOAT) took out his keys to lock the front door - ding!
When he heard a dismissive voice say "You messed up already. You forgot the most important thing!"
"Troll, please... The most important things to me are in the car already"
And so little Billy's dad strode confidently into the car and cruised on steady.

Welcome! Today's journey is five hours long, sitting in the sticky back seat,
Sunshine mercilessly roasting you, only you, and only through your window,
While your legs and your back cramp you into a human bonsai tree,
And your brain atrophies from utterly inescapable boredom. Have a pleasant trip!

Are we there yet? I need to go pee. I'm hungry. I'm bored.
Did I say I was bored already? Well, I still want you to know.
In five minutes? But you said that five minutes ago already!
Simon says - I spy with my little eye - Another bumblebee buggy!

Through the thick black forest, up the windy mountain trail,
Bearing the brunt of the narrator's poor pun and fairy tale,
The family (of now woodland bears) finally reach their destined cabin hotel,
All disembark, check-in and rush to escape their sweaty voyage smell.

"Someone's been using my towel!", growled the Papa bear.
"Someone's been using my towel!", said the Mama bear.
"Someone's been using my towel, and the floor's all wet!", cried the Baby bear.
Showers used to be a luxury, you know. Good thing the water was hot - you hear?

Just then Goldilocks knocked on the heavy wooden door,
She saw the three bears - "Complimentary desserts from the kitchen, y'all!"
So all sat down and enjoyed their delicious bowls of (porridge of course, what else?)
When the bears realized in unison that they forgot their toothbrushes at home on the bathroom stall...

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" roared the Papa troll.
"HeeHeeHeeHeeHee!!!" snickered the Mama troll.
"ROFLMAO!!!" memed the Baby troll.
And the three enjoyed (more or less) their chalet vacation - their "home away from home".
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By Blueback
MmmhMmmh! Pinto beans, nyum, nyum!
Rice and beans, nyum, nyum!
Magic beans, senzu beans,
Keeps you lean, keeps your entire guts clean.

Jack can't get enough of the fagiole,
It's apparently an old traditionale,
So grab a spoon and a bit of sale,
Hurry up and eat now - don't you go breaking my palle!

"Anyone want more?" No! Enough for now, please!
"Have some more - ah go on, go on, go on..."
Gone like the wind, or break it to release,
Remember this kids - just say no, before the toxic squeeze.

"Let's go for a walk, everyone out!" - It's a handy trick,
Evacuate the building to escape the potential gas leak,
Proceed to the exit in a "calm and orderly fashion",
Never works - they're always full of oh so much passion.

Levt, levt, levt, raat, levt!
Marching in March - No.3 - The larch. The... Larch.
Children never (silly) walk in a straight line - except,
Except when they want to spontaneously and maniacally charge...

"Don't stray too far off!" but they always do anyways.
"Stay on the footpath!" keep living on the edge.
"Put that back where you found it!" who's paying for the damages?
"Leave that alone, let's go!" curiosity ultimately strains the parent.

Magellan and the merry crew circumnavigate the neighborhood,
Discovering new finds and facing strange encounters,
Tales of outlandish adventures and bravery await,
To be embellished in detail in the schoolyard playground the next day.

Thus concludes our evening walk upon this dusky ray,
Where sounds of little birds chirp their calls to bed to lay,
It's rather fun to spend your family time in this way,
Nice memories for the little ones too, wouldn't you say?